Mike Greenberg Tells Aaron Rodgers "Jets Fans Are Starved For Success, You Would Own This City"

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Mike Greenberg Tells Aaron Rodgers
Mike Greenberg Tells Aaron Rodgers
Mike Greenberg Tells Aaron Rodgers
Mike Greenberg Tells Aaron Rodgers
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2023-04-16 09:05:01

My man!! Greeny rockz

2023-03-25 02:04:43

If Aaron Rodgers won Jets Super Bowl he better than the Manning brother

2023-03-20 16:35:14

Mike Greenberg is why ESPN (and all corporate media) sucks.

2023-03-18 22:00:36

MHMM 12..

2023-03-18 21:58:34


2023-03-18 21:58:21


2023-03-15 15:01:56

reminds me of when brett favre went to the jets . he sucked then came to the vikings

2023-03-15 09:18:03

Losing the pinkie toe makes for interesting foot prints at the swimming pool.

2023-03-15 01:24:35

Greeny sounds like a teenage girl waiting to meet Justin Bieber

2023-03-14 15:34:02

Here's ur comment f the jets but go to the jets and u will be looking at the new beasts of the east Miami's defense which will shut him down I'm a Steeler fan so f the bum jets u suck

2023-03-14 08:04:01

Arod is 1 MVP shy of tying Peyton Manning's record, 25 TDs away from 500, 945 yds away from 60,000 yds.. he may have his best shot yet at winning the SuperBowl with this young Jets team. At the same time, he will erase our memories of brett favre and alex rodriquez. Its a f*****g win-win.

2023-03-14 04:47:56

“Biggest world in city” as if Tokyo, Mexico City, Delhi, Beijing ect ect doesn’t exist

2023-03-13 23:20:20


2023-03-13 20:35:33

Am i the only person who thinks Rodgers to the jets will NEVER result in a winning season let alone another super bowl. I just can't see it lol i don't doubt they have SOME talent there but don't blow smoke up Rodgers ass to get him there knowing it's probably gonna fail Aaron should be DEMANDING any team interested have a complete roster and just a veteran QB away from being contenders.

2023-03-13 15:02:47

If Aaron goes to the NY Jets he has no chance of winning a Super Bowl.

2023-03-13 13:19:03

Greeny and Golic were the best radio sports show duo. Respected each other. Greeny is classy and doesn't need to resort to dropping F bombs.

2023-03-13 10:58:58

Remember what the number one story was last year?
What is Aaron Rodgers going to do??? OBJ??? Tom Brady??? Is Lamar going to get paid???
Does this feel at all repetitive?

2023-03-13 10:28:25

Mans is so desperate for Aaron Rodgers and it’s hilarious! Because as a packers fan I’d love to see Rodgers on the jets cause this is that one time everyone wants him on the jets even the players.

2023-03-13 10:19:35

Don’t the jets need an OLINE though?

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