PSVR2 THIS WEEK | September 18, 2023 | New Games, Trailers, Release Dates & More!

PSVR2 Without Parole

PSVR2 Without Parole

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Check out the full FUHNAFF video here: 🤍🤍 0:00 PSVR2 THIS WEEK 0:05 BROKEN EDGE [PSVR2] 0:50 RUINSMAGUS COMPLETE [PSVR2] 1:31 HELLSWEEPER VR [PSVR2] 2:18 SUGAR MESS [PSVR2] 2:44 PROPAGATION PARADISE HOTEL [PSVR2] 3:21 FNAF: HELP WANTED VR 2 [PSVR2] 4:41 GHOSTBUSTERS VR [PSVR2] 5:28 SOUL COVENANT [PSVR2] 6:06 RESIDENT EVIL 4 VR MODE [PSVR2] Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍🤍 Discord: 🤍 Website: 🤍🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Podcast: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍🤍 Wiki: 🤍 PSVR Underground: 🤍🤍 Virtual Strangers: 🤍🤍 Myles Dyer: 🤍🤍 - Without Parole Retro on YouTube: 🤍🤍 Without Parole PO Box 133 Worcester MA 01613 #PSVR #PSVR2

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PSVR2 THIS WEEK | September 18, 2023 | New Games, Trailers, Release Dates & More!
PSVR2 THIS WEEK | September 18, 2023 | New Games, Trailers, Release Dates & More!
PSVR2 THIS WEEK | September 18, 2023 | New Games, Trailers, Release Dates & More!
PSVR2 THIS WEEK | September 18, 2023 | New Games, Trailers, Release Dates & More!
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Комментарии пользователей:
scott boehmer
2023-09-22 23:40:54

Any word on a skyrim update

2023-09-21 11:51:54

I enjoy your show and watch it each week. One question on crisis brigade reloaded for the psvr2.... i cant get the gun angle to set differently, even in the settings. is there a bug??

Yann Myste
2023-09-20 22:48:59

Your song it look like the off it

Jason Stevens
2023-09-20 20:06:08

Hellsweeper. Yet another psvr2 game that looks like trash. Another anticipated psvr2 game that looks like trash. Another subpar quest port that looks like trash. I am done with this headset. Clearly devs don't give a s*** about psvr2, so why should I.
I knew the sketchy "no review copies" meant we were screwed. The quest version looks far better than the psvr2. It looks like a crap psvr1 game. I'm done, I can't take anymore crap...

Hayden Small
2023-09-20 17:36:10

Glad your feeling better now and can post videos 🎉🎉

2023-09-18 16:41:03

I can't say thisloud enough..... PSVR2 needs a Wipeout version. I'd settle for Omega but I'd love it if they re made 2097 for PSVR2! ❤

Para_007 the undercover Gamecat
2023-09-18 15:32:08

I don’t see anybody moaning about no games released now do you?

greg larsen
2023-09-18 14:25:11

Another great video but also another disappointment of not flying games coming. Someday we will get project wingman or ace combat

2023-09-18 13:51:51

Da BEST PSVR Channel in all the Universe!

2023-09-18 12:12:37

I don’t understand why Sony dosent put the psvr2 everywhere and promote it more it’s such a good product but it hasn’t reached a big Audience

2023-09-18 11:19:45

Thanks Bryan, just had to send a headset off for repair, playing C-Smash yesterday and it just died on me, luckily I have a second one primarily set up with my racing rig, so will still be able to take advantage of the new releases

Oursique the gamecat
2023-09-18 09:51:01

Putting all my hopes on RuinsMagus

Büszke Orbánisztáni állampolgár
2023-09-18 07:36:42

Re4 Remake have 43% discount now. Don't forget about it!

Shaolin Punk
2023-09-18 05:48:11

Dis Weak is quite strong.

2023-09-18 05:46:17

Most played VR games:
2022 = Res Evil 7 about 4-5 times
2023 = Res Evil 8 about 4-5 times
2024 = Res Evil 4 about 4-5 times (probably!)
I am not complaining! They are amazing!

Graziano Di Martino
2023-09-18 03:58:21

So many games!! Unbelievable. Cant imagine what psvr2 will be like in 5 years time…
Personally I think there’s an over abundance of horror type games being made. When is LowFi getting released?? That’s the type of game imm fiending for

2023-09-18 03:31:08

I was almost interested in Soul Covenant, but then saw that it was Thirdverse developing it. Oh well

Daringly Average Gamesnake
2023-09-18 01:45:51

But what are all the games, Bryan? Lol

2023-09-18 01:38:34

We need a better shooter survival game!!!

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